Installation FAQ

This is a group of answers to frequently asked questions about how to install my speaker packages and also to answer some questions about mis-information that has been brought to my attention to help you keep from being ripped off by Best Buys and other "reputable" installation shops.

1.) If you have taken these speakers to your local shop to be installed and they told you they were not compatible with your Monsoon system...RUN. That shop is lying to you and is trying to sell you something that really IS incompatible with your car and they will probably put these in wrong on purpose so that they can sell you something else. This has happened to a couple of my customers. Some shops are not doing this on purpose, they just have no clue how the stock Monsoon system works and still think that everything has to be replaced in order for you to do anything to it as this was what they were taught and are unable to think outside the box so they stick with company policy. I highly recommend that if you have just general skills at working on your car yourself that you take the time and install these yourself. It is not that hard to do and also is a good project to help you become familiar with your car. This installation is very straight forward and can be done by a novice without any specialized tools.

2.) Tools needed for this install:

Phillips head screw driver (preferably a long one)

Flat head screw driver

Metric nut driver set or 1/4" socket set (either or will work)

Wire strippers (most have a wire crimping tool built into them and is needed)

Female crimp on speaker terminals (Walmart, Advance Auto, Pep Boys, etc.)

Wire butt connectors or scotch locks

Optional but recommended:

Sound deadener material. I use a product called Quick Roof (also called Ready Roof) for general installs and this product is the same product as Dynamat in thickness and performance. It is found at your local Home Depot or Lowes for about $16.00. Why this over Dynamat or the others? Cost. The roll you get for $16.00 is 6" wide by 25' long. Enough to do your doors and the sail panels. Equivalant cost of Dynamat is about 3X that. Another bonus is that the 6" width is easy to work with and can be done in layers.